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Labor Day Barn Bash

Tickets for Labor Day Barn Bash 2022 will go on sale February 14th @ Noon CST.

•2 nightly concerts featuring David Phelps•

At 6:30 each evening the concert begins in The Barn.  David and the band always prep a great concert special for this event with guests and performances of seldom-heard songs.  Be sure and visit the concessionstand in Barn & Bale for refreshments during the event.


•Blue Bell Ice Cream•

Anyone who knows us knows we are super-fans of Blue Bell and their delicious ice cream.  (I mean, have you tasted Cookies & Cream??!!)   Tasty Blue Bell ice Cream is provided by Blue Bell Creameries but please bring your own stretchy pants!

CLICK HERE for information about Blue Bell Creameries.


•Food Trucks•

LDBB will be expanding our Food Truck options for your dining pleasure.  Who doesn’t love more choices?!  Each ticket purchase comes with one meal voucher for each day of LDBB 2021.  You’ll be able to choose from multiple options throughout the days events.  Trucks?…Good.  Food?…Good.  What’s not to like?


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