A Journey of Faith

This Show is Sponsored by the KORE Foundation.


KORE Foundation, founded by Dennis Bratton, pursues sustainable solutions to extreme poverty within the Christian community of Haiti. KORE goes Beyond Relief, focusing on treating the underlying cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.  Implementing sustainable solutions by providing a small holder loan to a family or individual to start a chicken coop business has proven great success.  Our farmers increase their income 4-6 times within the first year. 

In addition to this economic development, KORE promotes physical development through our 6.25 Program.  For only $6.25 a month, a malnourished child in the community can receive animal protein in their diets, vital to physical growth and cognitive function.  The poultry is purchased from KORE small holder farmers. This focused approach helps sustain poultry production while meeting the need of malnutrition.

All proceeds from the David Phelps concert will go towards feeding children in our 6.25 program.  Not only will these children receive this necessary food, but our farmers will benefit from selling their chickens to KORE. 


More info at:  korefoundation.org 

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