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Post by oldphriend » Thu Mar 25, 2010 pm31 9:25 pm

laugh.gif Yeah, very true. That's not the first time that has happened. Usually when I meet someone as famous as him, one of three things usually happens. 1.) I'm totally speechless (Brandon Heath), 2.) I get tongue-tied (David Phelps), or 3.) I can't stop talking (Lester Rector at his concert in Gaffney). Oen thing that amazes me sometimes is that I've met Lester twice, and spoke to him on the phone, and all three occured: Speechless in Pigeon Forge, couldn't stop talking in Gaffney, and tongue-tied over the phone. How embarrassing... rolleyes.gif I'm praying to have better control the next time I meet David.

Post by Love Light Laughter » Sat Mar 13, 2010 pm31 7:29 pm

QUOTE (Linda B. @ Mar 13 2010, 05:28 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I'm glad you had a good time! I'm late in finding and reading this, but glad I did finally. A nice thought for Bill to switch to the song he did in the midst of a crisis in the audience. God was certainly in that place that night.

Me, too, Linda, me too!!! biggrin.gif I felt the excitement building right along with you, oldphriend, as you made your way to the venue!! (Love, love, love those kind of reviews!! wink.gif ) I also agree with you, Linda, with what a nice thought for Bill to have the compassionate presence of mind to change to "There's Something About That Name." I could just feel how powerful that moment must have been.

Many of us know what you're saying about getting tongue-tied at finally getting to meet David. You can be a sane, rational, intelligent human being who, upon meeting him, dissolves into a blubbering unintelligible-albeit grinning biggrin.gif -blob. The first time I met him, I found that for me, I didn't lose any words per se, BUT................much to my chagrin out of nowhere my voice had dropped to an almost inaudible whisper, so quiet that David had to lean in to hear me. (Boy, later on was HE ever surprised to discover that normally this is NOT me.......................poor guy!! laugh.gif )

So don't worry, oldphriend--you actually put together some sentences that made sense!! Things are bound to get better each time you meet him......which is what I wish for you--many, many more concerts!!! You just can't have too much David, ya know??? laugh.gif wink.gif

Love and Light,


Love Light Laughter

Post by Linda B. » Sat Mar 13, 2010 am31 8:28 am

I'm glad you had a good time! I'm late in finding and reading this, but glad I did finally. A nice thought for Bill to switch to the song he did in the midst of a crisis in the audience. God was certainly in that place that night.
Linda B.

Post by liz » Thu Feb 25, 2010 pm28 6:00 pm

Wow! That must have been some concert. What a blessing to have seen them and then get to meet David. One of these days I hope to, also. Even if I am tongue-tied or a blabbering idiot (I'll be one or the other), it will be an honor to meet him. So glad you had such a great time. What wonderful memories.

Thanks for sharing.


Post by oldphriend » Wed Feb 24, 2010 pm28 9:28 pm

My mom and I are huge Gaither fans, amazingly more me now than her. She was back in the day, but we have traded interests over the years.. We were excited to find out that the brand new GVB, featuring our favorite Gaither singers, Michael English, David Phelps, and Mark Lowry were going to be at one of our favorite vacation spots: Myrtle Beach. She called ticketmaster and bought two tickets, which arrived in about two weeks, and booked a room in the Convention Center hotel, so we wouldn't have to fight traffic to get to the concert. My family and I, my mom, dad, my older sister Charity and I packed our bags the night of Thursday, October 1st, 2009. We loaded up the car and left the next morning, October 2nd, around 12:30 for a five hour drive. We arrived at the Convention Center at around 5:30, when the concert started at 7. Great... rolleyes.gif We checked in, rushed upstairs and unpacked, then mom and I got ready for the concert. We rode the elevator back downstairs, laughing about how funny it would be if we got on the elevator for breakfast the next morning and Michael, Mark or David would be there. When we reached the auditorium for the concert, we gave our tickets to the lady at the door, who handed us our blue "Gaither Homecoming 2009" light keychains. We were supposed to sit in section L3, row Q, seats 3 and 4. We couldn't find our seats because the "L3" sign had fallen, so we sat in section L7 instead, the smell of honey roasted nuts wafting up our noses. Whenever I smell them, I remember everything as if it happened yesterday...

The show began without a hitch, lights dimming, Bill walked out on stage and started the show with an old, southern gospel number, one I'm not familiar with, followed by the hilarious Ben Speer, Buddy Greene, Woody Wright, the Isaacs, Lynda Randle, the Collingsworth Family, Russ Taff, and Ernie Haas and Signature Sound. After a 15 minute intermission, the lights dimmed again, and out walked, in that order, Bill, Wes, Michael, Mark, and David. They began as they have been, with a sillouetted "Alpha and Omega", straight into "At the Cross", "Journey to the Sky", and David's solo, "Nessun Dorma". Halfway through "Lord, Feed your Children", someone in section L7 stood up and began yelling for help because a man had a seizure. sad.gif Poor Wes kept looking back and forth from there to Bill with a look on his face that said, "What is going on back there?" Bill seemed to have noticed, because he stopped, looked up, turned and said something to Gordon, who changed the song to "There's something about that name." Gloria began her monologue, and when she said, "Say that name with me, 'Jesus'", a holy hush filled the room. GVB ended the night with "Worthy the Lamb".

After the concert, I called my sister to come downstairs to take my picture with David. My heart began to race as the man with the voice signed autographs, laughed his infectious laugh at heart warming stories, comments, and compliments and took pictures with over a dozen adoring fans, such as myself. I couldn't believe I was really going to meet him, I felt like I was dreaming. ("If I'm dreaming, don't anybody slap me"). I waited and waited, and when my turn came, I got extremely nervous and tongue-tied, and something escaped along the lines of "Would you sign this picture for me" and "Do you mind if I get one with you?" He chuckled a sweet "Sure", signed a blue "One Wintry Night" picture, then put one arm around me. I was captivated by his bright, green eyes. After the picture, David gave me a small hug, and walking away, I almost yelled "THANK YOU!!" in his face. He chuckled and said, "Thank you". I hope he does a solo concert closer to home soon. wink.gif