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Come on! You know you loved it and can't wait to share your thoughts. This is the place to post your editorial on the concert you just attended. Let us in on all the details.


Postby nanni11 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:14 am

I am not good at writing reviews,but since none of the "Good Writers"came
to Pa last weekend,I will attempt it.I was blessed to be at 3 of the 4 concerts,front row,DP's side,I missed Friday night .
My first concert Saturday afternoon,Wes was admiring our"Team David" shirts that Janette had made up for us a few years ago,he said he was on Team David also.Then said we should cheer for him!!!So we did!!!!I don't think he realized the noise 4-5 Phront row Phelps Phans,(PrPP)can make!He is very aware of it now,and I am not so sure he will ask us to cheer him on again!
They have an awesome new opening for their show.They do "One Voice"a Barry Manilow song.
Mark starts it,in the dark,then DP joins in,then the others...It is awesome!!!I could have just listened
to 2 hours of that.The harmonies were fantastic.The concert just got better from there..The usual Nessun Dorma,He's Alive,there is nothing more I can say about them,that hasn't already been said.All of the guys were in wonderful voice.Mark sang alot more then he usually does.Wes,oh my goodness,that man can sing.When he sang "He is Here"you knew God was there with the Angels,enjoying the show,I was really glad he did that song,it is one of my favorites.(the only disappointing thing from the cruise was 6 shows and he never sang He is Here)....And Michael.oh my goodness,MICHAEL!!!He just touches your heart and soul with his voice.And Bill is wonderful as always.DP's solo'sfor 2 shows were Nessun Dorma and He's Alive.I think by the Sunday show,Bill realized that the same faces were in the front row,so he changed it up..and DP did "Bring Him Home".And then they did"LET FREEDOM RING"!!!!!That was the first time I have ever seen/heard it live...AWESOME!!!!My "goosies" had "goosies"..The only minor disappointment was DP never came to the table.But he interacted with the PrPP's from the stage,(one even got a hug,not me :( I got a wave from DP :D ,and a peace sign and a hand shake from Mike :D :D ).Sorry about no pictures,but I was in a front row trance...Hope this is OK. :D OOPS...they did a few songs from the new cd,it will be awesome!!

I will be ending this with a little community service message!!!!

Barn Bash 2012 is in 134 days!!! :twisted:
When the solution is simple,God is answering :)
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Re: Lancaster!!!WooHoo

Postby OKRuth » Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:07 am

Thanks, Kathi! Your review is awesome!! :D :D
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Re: Lancaster!!!WooHoo

Postby lawyer » Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:10 pm

Yea, I was also disappointed when DP didn't come out :( , I went to the 7:30 concert. But you're lucky, I don't even know if DP even looked at me, probably because I wasn't sitting up front. Hopefully the next time I'm at a DP or GVB concert I'll have better luck, other than that, it was great night. I'm glad you had a good time as well :) .

God Bless,
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Re: Lancaster!!!WooHoo

Postby JustGail » Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:31 pm

:D Font row trance...yeppers! :lol: :lol: :lol: Great review Kathi...thanks for sharing...........Lord willing see ya at the BB!! :D
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